STAGE PLAYS (click on title to view synopsis, cast breakdown and dialogue sample)


  • Generations Apart  (full-length comedy) - A retired married Jewish couple befriends the Catholic widow who moves in next door until a startling revelation drives them apart.   Cast - 5 males, 3 females (doubling for 2 males is possible)​

  • Mickey and Anthony  (full-length drama) - A petty criminal performs community service by caring for a young man with a severe brain disorder.  Cast - 3 males, 3 females

  • Moses of the New Millenium  (full-length satire) - A coup d’etat begins with the assassination of a U.S. President.  Cast - 4 males, 3 females, voiceovers

  • Like Marshmallow Chicks in a Box  (full-length comedy) - A theatre company needs to produce a hit in order to stay in business. Cast - 5 males, 2 females

  • Powerballs (full-length comedy)  - A group of people think they have won the Powerball Lottery.  Cast - 4 males, 3 females, voiceovers

  • Parallel Lines (full-length drama consisting of monologues) - The facts surrounding the gang-rape of a girl with IDD. Cast - 3 females, 3 males

  • Patty and Lainie  (one-act comedy) - Two young women seek love.  Cast - 2 females, 6 males (the male roles can be doubled by 2 actors)

  •  No Returns (ten minute comedy) - A department store clerk has plans of her own when a customer tries to return an item.  Cast - 1 male, 2 females.

  • Signals(ten minute comedy) - Two widows meet two widowers after chatting with them on the internet.  Cast - 2 females, 2 males

  • Standing Tall  (ten minute comedy) - An older couple try Viagra for the first time with unexpected results.  Cast - 1 male, 1 female

  • This Is Not A Test (ten minute comedy) - Paranoia strikes deep among three job applicants.  Cast - 2 males, 2 females